Advice on an Effective Hair Loss Product and Treatment

Some hair loss products have possible side effects which are undesirable and because of this, many sufferers with the hair loss problem are opting for the natural hair loss solutions to prevent or stop the hair loss. Some of the hair loss products that are widely available in the market include the Viviscal, Thymuskin, Dr Proctor, Revivogen, Hair Genesis, Nisim, and Tricomin. However, Dr. Proctor’s Hair Regrowth is the hair loss product which is most popular in the market. This is the shampoo that contains no chemical ingredients. This regrowth shampoo is commonly used by the hair loss sufferers for its easy application, and the healthy hair may be supported with its Life Extension Shampoo. For treating hair loss, the Thymuskin hair loss product is more effective in females as there are 95% who have achieved their desired results while the male has 67%. This shampoo cleanses the debris found on the hair follicle, other wastes and oil too. This hair loss product has thymus peptides that penetrate deep in the hair follicles to clean them.

The Viviscal hair loss product can help maintain healthy hair. Aside from this, the shampoo can treat falling hair and hair thinning. The Viviscal products can be obtained in all forms such as conditioner, tablets and scalp lotion. The Hair Genesis products can also be purchased as topical serums, conditioners, hair regrowth shampoo, and oral supplements. For an effective hair loss product, the Hair Genesis is particularly favored by many women and this works primarily by halting the DHT blockers. There are also hair loss products that are available in Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Allopathy. But, it is necessary that a dermatologist is consulted and a good advice is sought before going for any treatment.